Friday, April 6, 2007

Purple Paradise

This piece of work incorporates the Embellisher and the Embossing powder.

I laid dyed fabrics and threads in a horizontal strata and embellished them to secure to the background. I then dipped silk flower heads into embossing powders and displayed as a group. This was backed using an embossed black paper. This is Brians's favourite!!!

Size Height 16 inches or 41 cm
Width 12 inches or 31 cm
Price. Sixty GB Pounds plus P&P (As Brian does not want me to sell it)

Tropical Fantasy

This piece of work using another technique of making a fibre background. I used Merino silk tops and laid them on plastic and teased them into swirls and shapes, then soaked the fibres in a wallpaper paste solution. These fibres were then dyed using Procion dyes dripped with a pipette. When totally dried I placed them as background on dyed cotton fabric. I embellished this piece using the heads from silk flowers and bugle beads made from inked paper and dribbled with gold embossing powder.

Size Height 16 inches or 41 cm
Width 12 inches or 31 cm
Price Fifty GB Pounds plus P&P

Autum Leaves

This piece of work incorporates yet another new method of creating art. This is called Embossing. Various items are dipped into emblossing power which has been heated at around 170 degrees. The powder becomes liquid metal and dries with a shine.
I prepared the background using handmade papers and hessian, then acrylic waxed a leaf as a base plate. I dipped various leaves,feathers and other artifacts into the powder and embellished the piece of work together with amber beads.

Size Height 16 inches or 41cm
Width 12 inches or 31 cm
Price Fifty GB Pound plus P&P

Ghosts in the Chateau

This piece of work involved a new machine I have purchased called an Embellisher, it runs without thread and has a seven barbed needle unit.
I painted cotton fabric first as a background and then placed a second unit of meshed cotton which I had painted using fabric paint and then stitched using a drawn thread method. I then used the organza photocopy method with victorian ladies sitting in a group sewing. This gave a ghostly appearance. I then used the Embellisher to trap threads of embroidery silks between chiffon. I cut shapes of leaves and flowers from this new fabric and made a border of extra thread fibres and used the cut out shapes. I embellished the centres with various bead shapes. The ladies skirts are embellished with seed beads.

Size Height 12 inches or 30 cm
Width 14 inches or 36 cm
Price Forty GB pounds. plus P&P

Keep searching for the treasures in your soul.

This piece of work was my first foray into a whole new world of multi media textile art. I layered strips of fabric, wool and various threads which I had dyed using Procion dyes. I then machine embroidered continually over them to secure. I enhanced a picture of sea nymphs and then potocopied them onto organza photocopy paper. These were then placed onto the strata background and covered with chiffon and again machine embroidered using silver threads. I then fixed various beaded earrings which had been my late Mothers as treasures in the coral reef.

Size Height 20 inches or 51 cm
Width 16 inches or 41 cm
Price Fifty GB Pounds plus P& P

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Exposition at Loge Fougereuse, Vendee

The Saving Graces, a group of four girls who met on the Internet had their first exposition on Sunday 1st April. The group consisted of Gloria Miles, Di Lukas, Thelma Todd and Annie Winfield.
Our work consisted of mixed media textile art.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hello to you all

Hi Everyone

Watch this space.

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