Sunday, June 28, 2009

We were cutting down a tree damaged by recent storms on Wednesday when suddenly we found this nest with baby birds in, we covered up the nest with branches and luckily the mummy bird understood and kept feeding them, sorry but the photo is a little blurred , but they were sleep and I moved a leaf which was in the way and suddenly all four beaks were open and I just snapped without checking the focus. I checked them Saturday evening and all were well, I checked this evening (Sunday) and they have all flown the nest, well I hope that is what has happened!!!


This piece of work but done to try out the product Lutrador, the background was tissue glued onto watercolour paper with pva and then painted and stamped. Then Lutrador was painted and cut into petals and then wool threads were stitched with machine stitching to create a centre vein, they were then beaded. The stamen centres were pellon cut into heaxagonals and stitched and beaded.
I was very sad when this piece was finished as I really enjoyed the process.



Hi Here is my latest handbag, the base is black velvet and that has been transfoiled and then embellished with glitzy fabric and wool pieces and then overlaid with organza and zapped with the heat gun, then beaded. Enjoy

Friday, June 12, 2009


This is another project from the Angie Hughes Book, I love this article, especially the textures it includes. This is the sundial open and I will then post a picture of the outside when it is closed.

Book Cover

I made this book cover from the Angie Hughes Book, Stitch, Cloth, Paper and Paint, it includes stitching to create texture, and is then painted and coated with Acrylic Wax.

Indian Bird Mobile

Well at last I have found time to do some more art projects. Just started playing with these indian birds and they are quite addictive.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back in France

Well we are now back home for the summer, and today its raining, have opened the pool but too cold to swim. Oh dear I shall just have to go into my studio and do some art. How difficult can that be!!!!
Tomorrrow I have a friend coming for one whole week, we are going to play art all week.

So will post some pictures as soon as I can.
Have a good week